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Celebration Impact Award Event

5 Feb 2020

Celebration Impact Award Event

On 3rd February 2020, IFTIN FOUNDATION have organized most amazing and attractive celebration impact award event here Mogadishu, almost 200 hundred participants from Government, Business corporates, banks, civil Society, youth organizations, next Economy alumni and award campaigners have attended the celebration impact event. During the celebration was presented the inclusive summarized achievement made by The Next Economy program as video animation documentary by large screen in the venue, while partially presented how the award competition was managed and the processed engaged by the International jury at all locations of The Next Economy including Mogadishu.

This is the most amazing impact award held in Mogadishu. The Director of Social Affairs of the Office of the Prime Minister of Somalia Maryan Aden Amin has highlighted that The Next Economy project is most impactful one compared with such kinds of programs, while all other  speakers at event congratulated the winner and they also praised The Next Economy on Somali young people and efforts and the talents that Iftin Foundation doing for Somali youth development.

During the event was engaged media outlets through TVs, local radios, Social media campaigns using hashtag of #TNE_IMPACTAWARD2020 through Facebook pages and twitter.

Finally, was announced that Samsam Osman Ali owned Ilyasin Medical Center is The Next Economy Impact Award winner 2020 referring the decision of international jury while there was no one knew the winner even her and very beautiful award card awarded within the venue in front of huge people. Samsam was also gave within the celebration event with bank cheque writing the amount of money she won ($5,300) as the same rate that bank converted into dollars when received. Samsam has taken the money within yesterday from the banks.