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15 Jun 2015

Workshop Meeting among Female Graduates and Employers

Iftin Foundation working with Putland chamber of comer implemented Workshop Meeting among Female Graduates and Employers in Galka’yo on 15th June 2015. The workshop meeting targeted with the relation between young elite women graduates and their potential employers in the location galka’yo and participated local organizations, business companies and the government institutions in the area.


Mohamed Ismail, the Secretary General of Galkacyo  of the Putland Chamber of commerce opened the workshop in briefly introduced the role of Fursad project on the female graduates in Somalia at large while Nasro, the project coordinator of Fursad explained the main terms behind to implement this bright work for female graduates.


Nasro first talked about that currently male university graduates have better employment opportunities than female graduates because of their networking opportunities and sent her last message to companies, organizations, government and the general public in order to minimize opportunities inequalities and normalize the community common participation.


Mr. Said from Red Sea Company has explained that there are some companies that can employ women and others that cannot due to the nature of their business which important to change that negative culture and attitude. Sheik Abdishakur, from Amal Bank said he agrees much to what Mr. Said has said. He added that he knows that women who spent most of their time in education and should support and empower with women to establish nation with inclusive aspiration.


Abdiwahid from Shell Company, Sheik Mohamed from OPEC Company, Asma Abdullahi, from Puntland University, Faduma Hussein from East Africa University and the Farhiya from Galkayo International University discussed their views regarding admitting the positive and crucial role of women on the community development.


7 Jun 2015

The Role Of NGOs In Job Placements For Female Graduates

Iftin Foundation collaborating with Puntland Chambers of Commerce held dialogue about the Role of Businesses, NGOs and Government on female graduates in Garowe on 7th June 2015. The occasion which was organized as the high level meeting among the above three entities discussed their effective roles on young female graduate employment and career development.

Ahmed Ali Ugas, the executive director of iftin Foundation and Mr. Abduqadir, the chairman of Putland chamber of commerce welcomed and thanked together for all guests from government, NGOs, private companies and civil societies for attending this wonderful session and announced that session is open. After thanking and opening the dialogue Mr. Ugas talked about the importance of this theme” The role of business, NGO’s and government on female graduates job placement” and how it’s vital to talked about and discuss it overly.

Discussion Outcome

The facilitator briefly introduced Iftin foundation and their initiate project named ”FURSAD” with the participants for the aim of prompting job placement of female grandaunts in public and private sector. Mrs. Nasro, the project coordinator gave details to the subject and why they choose? She appreciated the attendants and talked about how FURSAD was initiated and reaches this position, she remarked that recently Iftin Foundation had been working on education sector in the entire Somali regions and this project named Fursad was out of the programs that Iftin Foundation was established and worked for recent years. Nasro continued her speech and noted that the main aim of FURSAD project is to promote and advocate job placement of female graduates in private companies, because most of private companies don’t provide and employ female in their settings and that may have negative impact on their physical, mental and, economic and social development. Furthermore noted that Iftin Foundation had done several studies on young female graduate’s job placement in private sectors, and they discovered that 20.5% of female worker employ education sector. I.e. schools, nursery, and higher institute and so on. And on least ranking percent was telecommunication sector. Finally noted that Iftin Foundation have developed a database which helps young female graduate to submit their CV’s and also enable other interesting private companies to sort out their job candidates from the website.www.fursad.so