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Archive for March, 2022

22 Mar 2022

TAYO BILE Employability training conducted.

Today, March 22nd, 2022, Iftin Foundation has concluded its TAYO BILE employability track training program for young graduates, which has been underway in the past few days at Iftin’s training hall.

The training, which was attended by 50 young graduates including male and female, focused on how to apply for a job through the best way to find a job and requirements for applying the job. Prior to the training sessions, the trainees were asked to write down the challenges and barriers they face in finding jobs, and they mostly agreed that it was difficult for them to understand the right requirements required from the job seekers. They also discussed there are skills narrow about how to write an accurate and relevant applications that can match and attract the attention of the employers as well as limited understanding in interviewing process.

The training has focused on four key areas

1) Professional skills building

2) Job seekers’ attitude building

3) Job seekers’ Quality improvement.

4) Job hunting

The trainees also learned and have a good understanding of how to write a good CV and cover letter as well as how to enter with an interview and understand the important things should be come up with during the interview like to have a good impression.

Next week, entrepreneurship track group will be started.



16 Mar 2022

A first batch of TAYO BILE Program (Quality-UP) interview process was established.

On 16th March, 2022 the recruitment process of TAYO BILE which is youth quality-up program for cultivating youth skills, attitudes and morality that had applied by a number of young graduates after had advertised by Iftin Foundation publicly a month ago, has started at Iftin’s training hall. Almost 200 young gtaduates had applied TAYO BILE program which has two core components as employability and entrepreneurship tracks.
The provision of first batch of this training will be continue until the last two weeks of March, 2022 and all the applicants will have chance of attendance. The applicants who missed the interview on 16th March will be able to come on the next day of 17th March, for an interview process.