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About Us

Who We are?

tin Foundation (IF) is an independent, private, social entrepreneurship organization founded to positively change the lives of Somali people through enhancing the access and quality of educational and career opportunities through provision of services to the education, business, government, sports and other stakeholders to increase access and quality to education.

Launched in 2012, IF came into being after we realized that no other local organization was providing the services we provide. Our initiatives have multiplier effects because they touch several segments of the society at the same time.

IF’s unique social entrepreneurship model is to sustain its operations without regularly depending on external funding. As such all our initiatives are planned in such a way they outlive beyond their initial funding.


Our Vision

Iftin Foundation strives to see to contribute to a peaceful, developed Somalia.


Our Core Values

Accountability and transparency


Our Mission

Iftin Foundation mission is to expand educational and career opportunities through innovative means.


We are known by?

  • Changing lives for the better.
  • Enhancing education.
  • Creating career opportunities.
  • Increasing access to education.
  •  We contribute the development of Somalia.
  • Innovation and commitment.
  • Accountability and transparency

What people say?

Iftin Foundation waxay hay'adaha kale uga duwan tahay, marka ay cilmibaaris ama xog nala wadaagayso waxay na soo hordhigtaa lambarro iyo tiro aan la diidi karin.
Chamber of Commerce Chairman, Cabdi Abshir Dhoore
Masha Allah IFTIN FOUNDATION. Shaqo fiican ayaad dhamaan umadda soomaalida ah aad u haysaan. Kaalin lama ilaawaan ahna waad ugu jirtaan. Shaqada halkaas kasii wada, ilaahayna haydinla garab galo.
Suleiman Jama