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A disadvantaged children in Mogadishu IDP camps who don’t have an appropriate education opportunities study report.

11 Jul 2022

A disadvantaged children in Mogadishu IDP camps who don’t have an appropriate education opportunities study report.

16th, June 2022

Mogadishu Somalia


Iftin Foundation together EFASOM organized a high-level data presentation and validation event, related to disadvantaged children in Mogadishu IDP camps who don’t have appropriate education opportunities research study. Iftin Foundation which is potential social development organization working in Somalia while particularly focusing education development and advocacy campaigns has conducted an evidence based-advocacy research study on 18th May – 24th June, 2022 at 16 IDP camps of 9 districts in Mogadishu which was selected as a sample size. EFASOM funded this study under the Education OutLoud Project supported by OxfamIBIS/GPE and the purpose of this study was to intend for education advocacy campaigns, influencing public perceptions of marginalized children in IDP camps in Somalia who don’t have education opportunities, through awareness campaigns, public engagement meetings and education services delivery review strategies.  This report study which funded by EFASOM revolves data presentation, discussion and adding participants’ inputs and validating of the data. This data presentation and validation event were attended by representatives from EFASOM coalition members, other key education stakeholders and civil society activists and discussed the importance of finding reliable and credible data related education field particularly marginalized community including IDPs children.


This data presentation was  officially opened by Adam Mohamed, the National Coordinator of EFASOM while he discussed the importance of such this study in order to accelerate EFASOM Coalition Members’s education campaigns for Somali disadvantaged children in the country. Abdiwali Mohamed, the program coordinator of Iftin Foundation presented study data findings to the participants. Data summarized that study carry out 16 IDP camps in 9 districts Mogadishu as a sample size and were interviewed 119 IDP families randomly. 73.1% of them respondents said that their children don’t go to school. Also presented that study reached 486 children and 82.5% of these children don’t have education as said by the study respondents. During the presentation, noted that 82.4% of these children missed school for the sake of financial problem. The shock message that have realized in this study during the data presentation was 24.4% of IDP children become drug addict after they missed school.


Since Iftin Foundation mainly works on education advocacy the, study noted that 76.5% of the IDP families who their children don’t have education opportunities who were asked if they have tried to go education services provider to find education facilities for their children said they didn’t tried to search education for their children outside of their family, which shows us that still in need more awareness campaigns. During presentation was noted over 80% of respondents said they never saw any education provider entity and even ministry of education who visited their IDP camps to kow about if IDP children have an education facilities. According to the data presentation over 67% of the respondents said they don’t if they will go back their original displaced locations, which means that IDP families will be permanent residents and would need social facilities and services to other people.


When presentation was over, participants have discussed data and they have praised and encouraged the fruitful work conducted by Iftin Foundation and they finally added their relevant input and suggestion before to publish.



Find the below link complete study document PDF.

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