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The Next Economy Second Entrepreneurship Crazy Hours Fundraising Competition

7 Nov 2019

The Next Economy Second Entrepreneurship Crazy Hours Fundraising Competition

On 19th March 2018, Iftin Foundation organized event known as crazy hour crowdfunding and best idea voting competition among the Next Economy 2nd batch entrepreneurs which used to award $500 the campaigner who collects the highest amount of money during the first hour and the one his/her idea find the most votes . On 9:00am the campaigns got live in front of campaigners at the Next Economy website. 14 campaigners attended the competition but eleven campaigners succeed to make crowdfunding and they made 5,580 USD as total crowdfunding within the first hour competition.

Finally Mr. Ali Abdullahi Ahmed with idea of ALI-BABA Video Production and Advertising became the one who made greatest amount of money within first hour while the second was Shafi’e Abdi Osman, the Documents and Resume Writing Consultancy and there were other nine people presented amounts of money. Mr. Ali Abdullahi Ahmed became crazy hour crowdfunding winner and awarded Card written $500 extra of matching.

Then we have processed the best awesome idea holder through secret voting including campaigners as well as organized team. We have engaged two rounds of voting and the last round of voting the Midwifery Birth Center owned by Hafsa Omar Abdi got maximum votes while the second idea was Sea Food Delivery owned by Fahim Abdullahi Jim’ale.
Midwifery Birth Center recognized best idea according to the campaigner’s ideas and voting result and Ms. Hafsa Omar Abdi was awarded card written $500 extra of matching fund.