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Launching of the Fursad Female Job Placement Scheme Project.

7 Nov 2019

Launching of the Fursad Female Job Placement Scheme Project.


The Fursad female job placement scheme which is sponsored by Iftiin Foundation in partnership with Somali chambers is planning to Network Somali Female graduates and the employers throughout Somalia on 13th May 2015. A lots of participants including Government officials, civil society, international organizations, education and business sector participated the launching ceremony.

Abdirahman Moalim Ablal, the Vice Chancellor of University (UNISO), said that ‘the role of universities came out , as they developed girls in educating them , the  only part remaining is to take part in the recruitment of girls of Somalia, that rhetoric the opportunities for girls to go to schools and universities is limited but needs to work hard on what they have learned to find a job.  He said that they want to work with the equality of girls and has directed employers to select staff on the basis of what they have learnt.  He also stated that it believes that the idea of girls remain out of work , as the sons of getting employed is outdated as many opportunities for girls will remain empty space.

Abdirahman Gabeyre, the Chairman of the Somali Chamber of Commerce said that as a business associate in they believe that an educated women is  an educated society’  adding that in the event of boy and girl asking for a loan from the market  the business community gives priority to girls , because he said that girls often don’t lose money  lent to them. He also stated that ‘he believes  the idea of the boys being less expensive than girls is false.

Sadia Sharif Hassan, an Somali women entrepreneur from Minnesota in the United States , who  used to make a home made pepper and market it, also spoke today’s  the business that is booming. She said,  any human being hasn’t been born without a mother, so girls are the backbone of the nation’ She also noted that in their theory they believe that girls can restore peace in Somalia, adding that the goal of job creation was greater than girls , and one day they will change our country if God wills.

Eng. Abdirahman Omar Osmaan “Yarisow”, Somali Politician said a number of factors that derail girls efforts is to come out of university and get the best jobs after they come out of university as girls receive a job evaluation, the government are required to encourage girls work and organize girls themselves in order develop  and advocacy their rights to go by their employers  as well as girls from the university to get an office to develop their skills role advancement.

MR, Hassan Ahmed Sadik, the executive director of  SOSCENSA, discussed the religious wise and  spoke of women and their roles in the family , he said that following our prophet Muhammad recommended being good to girls so as they became a better wife in the future and declared that only an educated girl can be a good mother . Speaking on religious material he said that social scientists have learned to say : ” Every hero and progress in society , honor and good name it is  impact  stands a good girl . Meanwhile, he urged companies to implement projects to provide employment opportunities for the girls , He was  asked ‘How many girls get to work , if any businessman has to take into account employing only 10 girls, the opportunity for girls will expand?

Ali Mohamud Ibraaahim (Dhere), the Chairman of Civil Service Commission, said that government employees are 4,020  and 25 % of them are girls and plan to consider to employ great number girls. Mohamed Omar Mohamed, the Director General of the Ministry of Women and Human architecture of the Government of Somalia said a key factor that girls are afraid to go to work is called exchange of sex for a job, a legal issue , which he said will be held into account during July parliamentary meeting which he said they will table ( bill of sexual abuse )

Aweys Sheikh Haddad, the Director General of the Ministry of Labor thanked IFTIN for opening  opportunities for girls and the office is grateful since the foundation is targeting girls out of the university to arrange a way to get their jobs . Mr. Hadad in  a separate incident, also said that both parties look at the stands of women since it is not acceptable anywhere in the offices /staff working ,women to be less than 50. During the launching event number of girls were hired some of the local banks, new platform called fursad.so and SMS service for job opportunities was inaugurated by Iftin Foundation.