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The 4th batch motivational speakers session of The Next Economy Program

7 Nov 2019

The 4th batch motivational speakers session of The Next Economy Program

This week (Saturday and Sunday) was the 4th batch motivational speakers session. We have invited 4 over qualified experts people suitable for the program.

Saturday Speaker one was Dr. Shariff Osman Hassan with PhD in Cultural Studies from Ohio University United States and double Master with over 30 years of teaching, research and professional consultancy experience in various industries of institutions and organizations and discussed with the participants bearing responsibilities and communication development while speaker two was Khadra Abdullahi Ahmed Diaspora women entrepreneur owned by Kiish Coconut Factory based in Mogadishu and discussed with participants creativity and innovation in order to generate economic sources.

Sunday Speaker one was Sha’ir Guled Hared, the former Director General of National Civil Service Commission (NCSC) of the Federal Government of Somalia and currently is senior advisor at NCSC and talked job recruitment processes, requirements from candidates and the employers expectations.

The second (last) Speaker was Dr. Ibrahim Farah Bursalid with PhD in International Studies from University of Nairobi with over 25 years teaching, research and program experience and discussed with participants the transformational competencies and keeping current opportunities.

This week was nice week for participants, speaker and TNE project team.