Iftin Foundation which is based in Mogadishu has released its annual report that they use to prepare on the number of students graduating from schools and universities in the country.

The event in which the survey was presented that was held at the Academy of Sciences, Arts and Literature was attended by officials from various sections of the society, speech was delivered by the Minister of Education, Culture & Higher Education Hon. Abdullahi Godah Barre who described the survey as significant for Somalia, which will send a strong message to all sectors working in developments and job creation to employ the youth graduating every year, and to circumvent from having the wrong effect on the many years of efforts made by young Somalis.

The survey done by Iftin Foundation shows 14,971 students have graduated from universities in the country in the year 2018 from 54 universities located in 16 cities in the states of Puntland, Galmudug, HirShabelle, Southwest, Jubaland and the administration of Banadir.It has also been found from the survey that, the five colleges mostly graduated from by students are 1) Public Administration, 2) Business Administration, 3) Public Health, 4) Computer Science/IT, and 5) Nursing & Midwifery, while also the five colleges with lest students from are 1) Geology, 2) Journalism, 3) Dentistry, 4) Marine Science, and 5) Statistics and Planning.On gender ratio, the data shows that two-thirds (65%) of students who graduated are men while 35 % are women, which shows men have a higher proportion in university education across the country, though they vary in the specializations.

In the cities, it has emerged that, graduated students have mostly been educated in the city of Mogadishu (11.622 students or 77.63%) followed by Galkayo 888 students, Bosaso 837, Baledweyne 409 and Kismayo 345.

On the other hand, this year’s survey has a new additional data on students who graduated from high school in the country, reaching 44,605 in the 2017/18 academic year, the data was collected from 8 umbrella organizations operating in the country.

Iftin Foundation which since 2012 was working on education development has also presented other services meant for the education sector, like Naqtiin which is mobile App meant for students in Schools and in universities, education directory, Echeck Somalia which is a service to corroborate certificates of schools and universities in the country and other services.

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