IFTIN Foundation has organized and conducted a one- day discussion focusing on the efforts of employment for female graduates. On 28th December 2015.
The debate event was part of series FURSAD program activities implemented by IFTIN Foundation and supported by the Somali Stability Fund (SSF).

The Fursad program is supporting female graduates’ job placement scheme through connection with the private sectors, organizations, universities and governmental institutions in seeking employment opportunities for the female graduates.

Thirty eight different members from the civil society organizations, education associations, business sectors, universities, Shaqadoon, Premier Bank, Salaama Bank, Dahabshil Bank, International Bank of Somalia (IBS), the Somali Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) and Iftin Foundation were the main participants of the discussion event. The Director from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and labor committee member was in attendance of the meeting.

The main purpose of the debate event was to provide the stakeholders platform discussing themes focusing on the preparedness of the graduates for the job market and the challenges against the employment providers to advertise their job vacancies. The debate event was based on various methodologies including inviting CSO, education associations, universities and business sectors, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and prepare appropriate venue for hosting the debate event.

In his opening remarks, Abdulakadir Moalim Mohamed, FURSAD Program Manager has received the participants and briefly explained the main topics of the discussions. He elaborated that the main is to provide platform to discuss these issues regarding to the ongoing efforts to support the female graduate’s access to job employments.

The impact of the debate and discussion was as the following:-
The debate event provided platform opportunity for all the stakeholders to discuss the current situation of the female graduates and the challenges hindering their access to employment.It was highlighted that the private sector and the universities should establish linkage to improve female graduates employments and internship chances for getting experiences and references
The debate indicted the need to continue conducting similar deliberations on the female graduates in future
The debate shed light that there is need to increase community awareness raising on the importance of employment of educated women

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