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Enhancing PWD’s Accessibility on Public and Political Participation Conference

11 Dec 2019

Enhancing PWD’s Accessibility on Public and Political Participation Conference

IFTIN Foundation held one day conference of Enhancing PWD’s Accessibility on Public life and Political Participation on 11th December, 2019 at Riham hotel Mogadishu which its objectives was to establish atmosphere that Government institutions, Civil Society groups, Business Leaders and PWDs representatives able to meet and discuss the public participation of People with Disabilities. The conference that attended 162 participants from;

1. Ministry of Public Works and reconstruction.
2. Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development
3. Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
4. Ministry of Youth and Sports
5. Somali Non-State Actors (SONSA)
6. Somali Chamber of Commerce and Industry
7. Somali Bankers Union
8. Universities
9. PWD CSOs.

The event started to share the concept note with participants by the Chairman of Iftin Foundation while secondly IFTIN presented the findings from assessment on key public spaces accessibilities for People with Disabilities in September this year and the participants noted that over 70% of reached spaces were note accessible for PWDs. The key speakers from the different institutions discussed their point of views on the disabled people and they inclusively welcomed the conference and information shared, they have rated that issue of PWDs is national issue while they have promised they will take visible positive actions.

During the conference was engaged panel discussion participated 6 (4 male/2 female) panelists including two disable people which they have debated possible steps on PWD’s issues that able to be turned into actions focused on accessibility and National Disable act. The panel that included Director General of Ministry of Public works and reconstruct were asked more questions objective and constructed questions by Disable people group and the panel prolong importance of the questions and answered relative.

Hassan Ahmed Shirwa’ Director General of Ministry of Public Works and Reconstruction said “PWDs issue is national and the Ministry of Public and Reconstruction will pave the way how public spaces to be included accessible facilities with PWDs” Abdi Abshir Dore the Director Somali Chamber of Commerce and Industry said “any activities from Businesses should be accessible and provide required service simple by the order of chamber”

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