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Data Collection on Job Placement Scheme for Female Graduates Workshop

7 Nov 2019

Data Collection on Job Placement Scheme for Female Graduates Workshop

IFTIN Foundation in partnership with Somali Stability Fund (SSF) has organized and implemented a one day workshop exclusively focusing on data collection on job placement scheme for female graduates that was held in Baidoa on 22nd August 2015.


The one day workshop has been held in close cooperation between Fursad Program and the Southwest Chamber of Commerce Centre in Baidoa. Thirty-eight participants were selected from various segments of the community from local authorities, Civil Society Organizations, Private Companies, and South-West Non State Actors Organizations. (SOWENSA).


The main intention of the workshop was to provide platform for the selected participants for discussing, debating and sharing information on the status of female graduates while the main challenge facing them in job Placement and highlight key recommendations to deal with the female graduates’ problem.


This workshop was based on presentation on brief information on the background of the Fursad initiatives, its objectives and discussions and debating on the role of the private sectors businesses and the female graduates and making valuable recommendations.


Mr. Ahmed Moalim Isaq, the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce welcomed in his opening remarks and appreciated the participants and the Fursad initiative for attending the workshop.  He said there is high rate of unemployment in Somalia, and many people have now joined in the business sector which was limited before. He indicated that they are welcoming the Fursad initiative, and underlined the females should be encouraged as women are more trusted then men in the community. He stressed the need of the Chamber of Commerce of the South-West Should give priority to this issue and support the initiative.

IFTIN Foundation has come up with strategy to solve and address the problems related to finding jobs placement scheme for the female graduates.