The Iftin Foundation successfully concluded the two-day training workshop, centering on education financing observatory techniques with a particular emphasis on the crucial role of transparency in education funding. The workshop concentrated on the significance of transparency as a key component for influencing policy decisions in the realm of education financing.

Participants gained insights into how transparency directly impacts the effectiveness and accountability of education financing, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the intricate dynamics involved.

Furthermore, the workshop shed light on the pivotal role that civil society organizations play in enhancing transparency in education financing. By contributing actively to the discourse, these organizations serve as catalysts for positive change, ensuring that policies align with the best interests of the community.

The discussions also provided an opportunity to assess the current status of education financing transparency in Somalia, offering valuable insights into areas that require attention and improvement..

Overall, the event served as a platform for fostering collaboration and understanding among stakeholders dedicated to advancing transparent education financing practices in Somalia.

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